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Location & Surrounding Villages:

Anata is located 4.9 km to the northeast of Jerusalem about 673 km above sea level with Al Ka'abina and An Nabi Musa bordering to the east, Hizma to the north, Shu’fat to the west, and Al ‘Isawiya to the south.

  • Area: 24,026 dunums (ARIJ, 2012).
  • Population: 14,085 (PSBC, 2016).

Israeli Violations:

1- Land Confiscation:

The Israeli occupation authorities confiscated 2,648 dunums of land area for building settlements, bypass roads number 1, number 437 and number 485, a military base, and the Separation Wall which separates the town into half. Moreover, the Israeli occupation authorities have divided the road with a one meter high concrete barrierwhich leaves some lanes for the Israeli settlers and the other lanes for the Palestinians. This road also disconnects Anata from Arab al Fuheidat (ARIJ, 2012).Note: which road?

2- Israeli Settlements:

The occupation authorities confiscated 2,648 dunums of land area and built on it four settlements: Neve Pirat on 717 dunums with a population of 950 settlers, and Kfar Adumim on 820 dunums with a population of 3,099 settlers, Almon or Anatot on 783 dunums with a population of 827 settlers, and Alon on 328 dunums with a population of 753 settlers. Moreover, five outposts were established by the Israeli settlers after an attack on Palestinians and their lands. These outposts are:  Ein Purat, East Neve Pirat, West Kfar Adumim, Giv’at Granit (Alt 468), East Kfar Kidumim and Ein Maboua’ (ARIJ, 2012).

3- The Separation Wall:

The Separation Wall isolates Anata from neighboring villages and towns. It also splits Anata in half by isolating 12,140 dunums of Anata’s land area. The Israeli occupation authorities built part of the Wall in Anata Secondary school that cut the school into a half. The Seperationwall deprived the students of basic part of the school by isolating the school building from the playground and the yards (ARIJ, 2012).

4- Israeli Military Checkpoints:

Israeli occupation authorities confiscated 1,320 dunums of Anata to establish an Israeli military base under the name of Anatot for the protection of the Israeli settlement built on territory belonging to Anata and neighboring villages.

5- House Demolition:

The Israeli occupation authorities demolished 82 houses between 1967 and 2015, and there are 200 houses which are threatened with demolition. Moreover, the Israeli occupation authorities demolished a kindergarten and a farm (Al Maqdese, 2015).

Social & Economic Challenges:

  • Education: Anata has 11 schools: five of them are governmental, and six are private. Anata schools suffers from harassment by the Israeli occupation forces that break into Anata Secondary Boys School and Anata Secondary Girls school, and have detained some students from Anata Secondary Boys school (ARIJ, 2012).
  • Economic Activities: The workforce of Anata is estimated at 28% in trade sector, while Israeli labor market has 20%, Industry sector has 20% as well, services sector with 14%, and the Government or private employees sector with 14%. The unemployment rate in the town reached 40% in 2011, there is no recent surveys on unemployment rate that are done on the villages of Jerusalem which is kind of marginalization of the Palestinian communities of Jerusalem.  (ARIJ, 2012).
  • Services: Similarly to other Palestinian villages, Anata suffers from a high rate of water loss where 42% of water do not reach the user because the water network is old and in need of rehabilitation and renovation. 5% of the homes in Anata depend on cesspits for sewage. Anata also suffers from the accumulation of waste in the streets. (ARIJ, 2012).
  • Local Institutions: The town has some communities and associations such as 'Anata Local Council founded by the Ministry of Local Government and it provides services for the residents of 'Anata, Al Ikhlas Association founded by the Ministry of Social Affairs providing services for people with special needs, 'Anata Youth Club for the youth of the town for cultural, social and sports activities, Sabaya 'Anata Center founded by 'Anata Local Council and works on occupational education , 'Anata Cultural Center for cultural heritage and craftsmanship services , 'Anata Charitable Association founded by the Ministry of Interior and it provides social and humanitarian assistance, and Ibda’ Center for Learning Difficulties founded by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and it provides educational services for the youth of the town (ARIJ, 2012).


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